The Boyer Soccer Team

This comic is dedicated to my five music professors at Temple University’s Boyer School of Music: Michael Klein, Noriko Manabe, Cynthia Folio, Edward/Ted Latham, and Shana Goldin-Perschbacher.
I’m so grateful for the wonderful year I spent at Temple, and I’m so sad to be leaving. I’m going to miss everyone so much. We’re still a team!

The cover: That’s Sean Davis, Steph George and I grabbing Maradona in the back, professor Noriko Manabe stopping Ronaldo, and, professor Klein taking on Messi one on one! —- Professor Cynthia Folio is stepping on someone she just knocked out using her Karate.

Of course the story begins with the great professor Michael Klein (who loves coffee). I have him pick a fight with Maradona here!

Professor Klein then drags the entire music theory department into this war 😀 Here I’m taking measurements for professor Noriko Manabe, who taught me so so much!

Alejandro helped me with the Spanish here. Messi says “Me sorprende que hayas venido” – “I can’t believe you came!” Professor Manabe speaks amazing Spanish, that’s why I’m gonna have her translate stuff in this story. Also, I’ve decided to “pull some strings” and put myself on the team! That’s what happens when you’re the author and have full control of the story.

Maradona scores the first goal and he hits me!… It’s worth it.

Even in my fantasy, we lose this game miserably. Come on… Also, professor Folio high-kicks me!!

The referee is Kristina Lang, one of the best university staff I’ve ever met! Also starring in the background is Evie, Steph’s little dog who eats everything.

We made a HUMAN PYRAMID!! If any professional soccer player ever reads this: try this strategy, it might just work…

The Spanish dialogue: “Get the ball!” “How?”

Sorry for throwing you like that, professor Manabe! And sorry for throwing you too, Evie.

Spanish dialogue: “What are they doing now?” “I dunno, but the ball’s not getting pass us.”

The ball is not coming to us, so let’s go to the ball!

The goal crushed me, and professor Manabe is dragging my leg trying to save me. How about try lifting the goal, professor!

I waited a while to finish the comic because I didn’t want it to end.

It must end, no matter how sad. Farewell, lovely team! I’ll miss you all.

Alice, Lynne, Poundie, Hedi, and the Cuckson Time Machine

This comic is dedicated to the four professors at Mannes College of Music who helped me so, so, so much: Professor Lynne Rogers, professor Hedi Siegel, professor Robert Cuckson, and, professor Poundie Burstein.

Although I graduated in 2018, I never felt like I left Mannes – since I taught at Hofstra and still lived right next to Mannes, and walk my dogs past Mannes 3 times a day…

Yet this year, I moved out of New York and came to Philadelphia.

I drew this over this last summer. My best work ever! I truly poured my heart and soul into this comic. (“Shouldn’t you be practicing or reading, Alice?” Shut up…)

Goodbye, Mannes, and all my beloved professors. Thank you so much!




coverpage 1. nobel prize

All the people drawn above are associated with Mannes: students, alumni, faculty, deans, close friends… They are, from left to right: Professor Carl Schachter; professor Philip Stoecker; professor Poundie Burstein; professor David Loeb; professor George Fisher; professor Hedi Siegel; Dean Kessler (who’s still trying to advertise for Mannes at this ceremony); professor Yuval Shapira; and somehow, Stephen Hawking?… Professor Cuckson and Mrs Cuckson; Nathan Pell, whose name and accomplishments haunted me throughout my Mannes years; Avinoam Foonberg, who’s hugging Nathan; me; Alejandro and Brownie and Nugget; Baron Fenwick; and Justin Rosin.




page 2. time machine builtpage 3. taking offpage 4. poundie throws alice

I know… Lion-King much?



page 5. vienna city

I apologize about my mistake here: Professor Hedi Siegel pointed out that by 1926, the wall around the inner city of Vienna was long gone. Sorry guys!




page 6. finding fake schenker


Translation for the above page: “Hello, my name is Heinrich Schenker.”


page 7. finding real Schenker

Professor Hedi Siegel says: “I have translated so many of your writings!”

Schenker says: “Excuse me?”


page 8. professors in jail

Professor Rogers says: “Water, please!”



page 9. Alice's arrivalpage 10. breaking of fellowship



page 11. the letter

Translation of the letter: “Come and meet me!”



page 12. approaching each other


Translation: “Stravinsky!! His music sounds like shit!” “Schenker!! He thinks my music sounds like shit!!”




page 13. It's you!

Translation: “Excuse me!” “I’m sorry!”

page 14. storm before the fight

Translation: Schoenberg says “slow down!”

page 15. Stop eating Alicepage 16. kicking up dustpage 17. Schenker hits Alicepage 18. waving goodbyepage 19. the thanks pagepage 20. bibliographypage 21. bibliographypage 22. bibliographypage 23. bibliography