My 16th & 17th Music Theory Lesson with Professor Lynne Rogers

In this comic, three special guests are featured: Professor Robert Cuckson the wonderful composer and theorist, and the two deans of Mannes: professor Richard Kessler, and professor Bill Gustafson.

Professor Kessler was actually my Facebook friend, and I tagged him in the picture!  He was so so nice – he actually liked it, and did not expel me right away! Mannes people are the best…

Rogers 16&17th - 0Rogers 16&17th - 1Rogers 16&17th - 2Rogers 16&17th - 3Rogers 16&17th - 4Rogers 16&17th - 5Rogers 16&17th - 6Rogers 16&17th - 7Rogers 16&17th - 8

My 12th Music Theory Lesson with professor Robert Cuckson

For the first time ever, my comic was “banned”! The content of this comic was, according to lovely professor Cuckson, “funny- but inappropriate and may be offensive, making the two cuss words in the cover seem like the nice part of it. Don’t upload it online or show it to anyone.”

I shall only upload the cover of this one- but I type this proudly!! Is there anything better than offensive comic!

Cuckson 12th

My 11th Music Theory Lesson with Professor Robert Cuckson

This was our 11th lesson together!

The cover features Jean-Baptiste Lully, the French Baroque composer who worked for Louis XIV. He died by stabbing himself on the foot with his conducting staff – very bloody story! I first learnt about Lully’s tragic death in Binghamton University’s History 1 class; professor Paul Schleuse’s brilliant teaching style made these things even more unforgettable.

Also, the comic makes fun of four composers who married their cousins! – Bach, Stravinsky, Grieg, and Rachmaninoff.

Cuckson 11th - 0Cuckson 11th - 1Cuckson 11th - 2Cuckson 11th - 3Cuckson 11th - 4Cuckson 11th - 5Cuckson 11th - 6Cuckson 11th - 7Cuckson 11th - 8


My 23rd Writing Lesson with Professor Hedi Siegel

This was our 23rd lesson together!

The cover features the great Heinrich Schenker, the one who analyzed music like no one before him.

Let me also quickly explain frame no. 1: The joke here is that “Es ist genug”, which means “it is enough” in German, is the opening line of Bach’s Cantata No. 60, Movement 5 chorale. I’ve been looking at that chorale for like 4 months now!


Siegel 23rd - 0Siegel 23rd - 1Siegel 23rd - 2Siegel 23rd - 3Siegel 23rd - 4Siegel 23rd - 5Siegel 23rd - 6Siegel 23rd - 7Siegel 23rd - 8

My 10th Music Theory Lesson with Professor Robert Cuckson

This was my 10th lesson with professor Cuckson!

The cover is another “time machine” comic: I was told that Mendelssohn “revived” Bach in the year 1829. The dude was 19 himself!! And he discovered the most important musician in history! And then I look at what I’m doing with MY life…

This comic also features a lot of people: In addition to professor Cuckson and I, there’s my good friends Yufei Chen and Justin Rosin, who are composers at Mannes. They were “arrested” by the Mannes police, because of a suspicious lip print on the portrait of Carl Schachter, the great music theorist.

Cuckson 10th - 0Cuckson 10th - 1Cuckson 10th - 2Cuckson 10th - 3Cuckson 10th - 4Cuckson 10th - 5Cuckson 10th - 6Cuckson 10th - 7Cuckson 10th - 8