Alice and the Robert Cuckson Time Machine + bibliography

It all happened on my graduation day, May 18, 2018 – I was already very emotional, when professor Cuckson walked up to me and said something like “Alice, I’m going to miss visiting Bach with you.”

He was referring to my “time machine” comics a while ago. That did it – I cried immediately and ruined my makeup, and looked very ugly for the rest! of! the! day!!!

Nobody messes with my makeup!! Thus is this comic created – I made it for professor Cuckson in the hopes of making him cry.

Since this comic includes quite a lot of scenes from the Baroque era, I didn’t want to bring shame to my favorite history professor Paul Schleuse. As a result, I spent quite some time doing my research, and I think it’s ready for the world to see now!





Cuckson Time Machine - cover

In the background is Moses, and … the four founding fathers of America. I screwed them up, didn’t I?



Screenshot 2018-08-23 08.28.46

Thank you Alejandro Espinosa for letting me looking at his tool box in order to draw the tools!



Screenshot 2018-08-23 08.29.49




Screenshot 2018-08-23 08.30.24




Screenshot 2018-08-23 08.31.39

Alejandro says “the statue of liberty is really far from those buildings”. … Not in my world, sir, not in my world



Cuckson Time Machine - 5

I tried my best to make the city of Leipzig accurate – thanks to the picture from the San Francisco Early Music Society! (I only had enough room to draw the left half of this picture. Hope it looks about right)



Screenshot 2018-08-23 08.36.56

In the background is my failed attempt to draw Leipzig city from afar. Well, thanks anyway, Lebrecht Music & Arts! (But I have the horses and the carriage right) 

leipzig far


Screenshot 2018-08-23 08.39.57

For those of you thinking “what the hell is he wearing” – I didn’t make this up! It’s an actual man-dress thing from Leipzig in the 18th century! Thank you Fashion Breeches – Full Seat Baroque

cuckson dress



Screenshot 2018-08-23 08.41.53

This is actually the St Nicholas Church in Leipzig! I stole the picture from the church’s website.

German translation: prof Cuckson is saying “Ahh, the St Nicholas Church”




Screenshot 2018-08-23 08.44.37

For those thinking “what’s with her choice of colors” – believe it or not, the church’s ceiling is actually pink and green!! I love it

church inside


Screenshot 2018-08-23 08.47.00




Screenshot 2018-08-23 08.47.32




Screenshot 2018-08-23 08.48.14

Thanks to the pictures stolen and a portrait painted by Granger!

Bach piano



Screenshot 2018-08-23 08.51.18

I switched to pencil because I keep screwing up the little details. This alter/table thing is also an actual piece in the church!

German translation: Bach is saying “today is the premier of Saint John’s Passion. Please be quiet!”




Screenshot 2018-08-23 08.54.13

German translation: prof Cuckson says “Master Bach, it’s such an honor”



Screenshot 2018-08-23 08.55.33

German translation: Bach is saying “come to my home, my friend”



Screenshot 2018-08-23 08.57.04

In 1724, Bach just had his 9th baby, which is why I drew 9 children. However, the sad truth is, a few of those children had died already… but since I’m the artist and I’m in control here, nope! In my world, they lived.

German translation: Bach is saying “I’m home!”

bach house

Bach’s house in Leipzig – since the picture is in black and white, I don’t even know what color the building is and made up my own color. Hey, at least I got the street lamp


Screenshot 2018-08-23 09.01.25

German translation: Bach is saying “look here, the full score of Saint John’s Passion!” 

Oh, and… At this point I gave up drawing his living room, and drew his blue table instead.



Screenshot 2018-08-23 09.03.35

German translation: professor Cuckson asks “Can you give me one page? Just one.” Bach says “no”



Screenshot 2018-08-23 09.05.51

German translation: professor Cuckson says “I’m begging you! I’ll do anything.” Bach says “really?”



Screenshot 2018-08-23 09.07.08

Since it’s April 1724 now (in the comic), Bach’s youngest baby Gottfried Heinrich is now 2 months old, and his second youngest, Christina Sophia Henrietta, is 1 year old. That’s them being carried by prof Cuckson



Screenshot 2018-08-23 09.09.51

Usually Bach’s music puts people to sleep. But this time, we put Bach to sleep!



Screenshot 2018-08-23 09.11.09

German translation: “Master Bach, hurry, your premier is soon!”



Screenshot 2018-08-23 09.12.14




Screenshot 2018-08-23 09.12.53




Screenshot 2018-08-23 09.13.44

German translation of the two guys in the pit:
“Master Bach looks different!”
“You missed too many rehearsals”



Screenshot 2018-08-23 09.15.00

I totally screwed up the floor pattern… sorry




Screenshot 2018-08-23 09.17.58

Yes, he still has the baby.

And yes, the guards are wearing what they’re wearing.




Screenshot 2018-08-23 09.20.41




Screenshot 2018-08-23 09.23.08




Screenshot 2018-08-23 09.24.10

Dropping the baby on a parachute was Alejandro Espinosa‘s brilliant idea



Screenshot 2018-08-23 09.25.41

Alejandro says “you screwed up! Your spelled ‘Bach’ in lower case letters.” But… I didn’t!! That’s how it’s written on the wall of the ACTUAL Bach Museum!!




Screenshot 2018-08-23 09.27.59


Goodbye Bach buddy, we’ll miss you. Thanks for forgiving us.



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