Reasons NOT to Attend the MTSNYS with Professor Lynne Rogers

On the weekend of April 14 and 15, 2018, I attended the 2018 MTSNYS (Music Theory Society of New York State) conference in Hunter College, New York with professor Lynne Rogers and professor Christopher Bartlette. My huge apologies go to the wonderful professor Christopher Bartlette, who in fact spent the 2-day conference with me – because I’m naming this comic “Reasons NOT to Attend the MTSNYS with professor Lynne Rogers” as my graduation present to her.

I have to be honest: there was some stuff about this particular conference that was controversial. I’m still glad I went, it was a very interesting experience! And most importantly, it led to this comic, which I think is my best work of the year.

This comic actually involves quite a few awesome special stars!

In the background of the first frame are professor Poundie Burstein and professor Joel Lester, two awesome music theorists. The reason they looked identical in this comic is because they happened to wear very similar clothes that day – sand beige color sweater vest and a light blue shirt – and sat together, it was kinda funny!! If any of these two professors saw this… I’m sorry, guys!!!

Under “reason 1” – I think all my friends know by now my dog is a Chow Chow!
Also – The lady in the blue dress is professor Rogers’s friend Mary, a retired music theory professor. She was very very friendly, and talked to me about her little garden and peppers! Did you guys know all baby peppers are green, but when they grow up they get all sorts of colors?

Under “reason 2” – Just let me point out that professor Poundie Burstein is in the background “fighting” with the Schenkerians. I mean, that didn’t really happen in this conference, because unfortunately there were ZERO papers on Schenkerian!
Also, that’s Alejandro Espinosa – who really really wanna be in this comic – eating the popcorns.

Under “reason 3” – There he is!! That’s the man who changed my life!! This comic portrays my desperate attempt to make Professor Christopher Bartlette proud of me.

Under “reason 4” – Now, I can’t draw a theory conference comic without including my only two young friends in the field, can I? Young Avinoam Foonberg is my latest character, he’s graduating from Mannes School of Music, and will attend Cincinnati for his Masters.  And Clair Nguyen is graduating Hunter, she’s also going to Cincinnati for her PHD! For God’s sake, these two are teaming up against me!


And in the last frame: Considering I’m graduating from Mannes, I may not get that many justified opportunities to draw these guys again. Let me include the Mannes Faculty one last time! Dean Kessler, Yuval Shapira, professor David Loeb, professor Lynne Rogers, professor Robert Cuckson (whose seat I took), and professor Hedi Siegel!! —- And there’s no room on this page for more people, so apologies to the rest of the Mannes faculty… 

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