My 9th Music Theory Lesson with Professor Robert Cuckson

This was my 9th lesson with professor Robert Cuckson!

My comics are getting more and more “educated”! The cover is based on a historical fact: In the year 1705, Bach got into a sword fight with a bassoon player, Geyerbach- this was true! He called the bassoon player a “nanny goat bassoonist” (whatever that means… it actually sounds kinda cute to me instead of insulting), and the bassoonist called him a “dirty dog”. For those who want more details, Google “Bach bassoonist fight”.

Also, this comic exposes Mannes’s tradition of making students read all 7 clefs… I can’t even… I don’t deserve to be in this school…


Cuckson 9th - 0Cuckson 9th - 1Cuckson 9th - 2Cuckson 9th - 3Cuckson 9th - 4Cuckson 9th - 5Cuckson 9th - 6Cuckson 9th - 7Cuckson 9th - 8

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