My 5th Music Theory Lesson with Professor Robert Cuckson

This was my 5th lesson with the wonderful wonderful wonderful professor Robert Cuckson.

The cover’s joke is that my Schenkerian Analysis is about to become toilet paper!!! —- Speaking of that, there was a time when I was young and naive, and would be super proud of making super long Schenkerian graphs. This changed last week when I heard Professor Poundie Burstein’s advice: “If my students’ graphs are more than what could fit into one line, I ask them to re-do. Graphs should have a point.”

Cuckson 5thCuckson 5th - 1Cuckson 5th - 2Cuckson 5th - 3Cuckson 5th - 4Cuckson 5th - 5Cuckson 5th - 6Cuckson 5th - 7Cuckson 5th - 8Cuckson 5th - 9Cuckson 5th - 10Cuckson 5th - 11Cuckson 5th - 12

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