My 23rd Writing Lesson with Professor Hedi Siegel

This was our 23rd lesson together!

The cover features the great Heinrich Schenker, the one who analyzed music like no one before him.

Let me also quickly explain frame no. 1: The joke here is that “Es ist genug”, which means “it is enough” in German, is the opening line of Bach’s Cantata No. 60, Movement 5 chorale. I’ve been looking at that chorale for like 4 months now!


Siegel 23rd - 0Siegel 23rd - 1Siegel 23rd - 2Siegel 23rd - 3Siegel 23rd - 4Siegel 23rd - 5Siegel 23rd - 6Siegel 23rd - 7Siegel 23rd - 8

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