My 19th Writing Lesson with Professor Hedi Siegel

This was our 19th lesson together!

The cover involves the innocent Mr Siegel again! The joke here is: Bach died in 1750 because of a failed eye surgery performed by his eye doctor. And professor Siegel’s husband happens to be a great eye doctor! Oh if only he was there, could have saved Bach…

Siegel 19th - 0Siegel 19th - 1Siegel 19th - 2Siegel 19th - 3Siegel 19th - 4Siegel 19th - 5Siegel 19th - 6Siegel 19th - 7Siegel 19th - 8Siegel 19th - 9Siegel 19th - 10Siegel 19th - 11Siegel 19th - 12

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