My 16th Writing Lesson with Professor Hedi Siegel

This was our 16th writing lesson together! Oh how time flies!

The cover’s joke is about “split infinity”, and is quite difficult to understand – I don’t even fully get it (even after professor Siegel’s 2-hour explanation… I’m sorry professor). Basically, it means putting an adverb in between “to” and a verb! For example, “to boldly go.”

Professor Siegel’s husband, Mr Siegel, is also included in this comic. He’s an excellent eye doctor who walked in on us making fun of him. Sorry, bro…

Siegel 16thSiegel 16th - 1Siegel 16th - 2Siegel 16th - 3Siegel 16th - 4Siegel 16th - 5Siegel 16th - 6Siegel 16th - 7Siegel 16th - 8

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