My 11th Music Theory Lesson with Professor Robert Cuckson

This was our 11th lesson together!

The cover features Jean-Baptiste Lully, the French Baroque composer who worked for Louis XIV. He died by stabbing himself on the foot with his conducting staff – very bloody story! I first learnt about Lully’s tragic death in Binghamton University’s History 1 class; professor Paul Schleuse’s brilliant teaching style made these things even more unforgettable.

Also, the comic makes fun of four composers who married their cousins! – Bach, Stravinsky, Grieg, and Rachmaninoff.

Cuckson 11th - 0Cuckson 11th - 1Cuckson 11th - 2Cuckson 11th - 3Cuckson 11th - 4Cuckson 11th - 5Cuckson 11th - 6Cuckson 11th - 7Cuckson 11th - 8


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