My 10th Music Theory Lesson with Professor Robert Cuckson

This was my 10th lesson with professor Cuckson!

The cover is another “time machine” comic: I was told that Mendelssohn “revived” Bach in the year 1829. The dude was 19 himself!! And he discovered the most important musician in history! And then I look at what I’m doing with MY life…

This comic also features a lot of people: In addition to professor Cuckson and I, there’s my good friends Yufei Chen and Justin Rosin, who are composers at Mannes. They were “arrested” by the Mannes police, because of a suspicious lip print on the portrait of Carl Schachter, the great music theorist.

Cuckson 10th - 0Cuckson 10th - 1Cuckson 10th - 2Cuckson 10th - 3Cuckson 10th - 4Cuckson 10th - 5Cuckson 10th - 6Cuckson 10th - 7Cuckson 10th - 8

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