Professor Poundie Burstein’s Lecture

On October 20, 2016, Professor Poundie Burstein gave an excellent lecture at Mannes School of Music, “The Concrete and Abstract in Music Theory”! And of course, when you have a comic artist in your audience, she turns your talk into a comic.

This comic features a few people: professor Lynne Rogers, professor Hedi Siegel, professor Christopher Park, professor Robert Cuckson, professor Yuval Shapira, and professor David Loeb – all of which are great music theorists. And then there’s me…

Huge thanks to my friend Clair Nguyen (who goes to Hunter) and her mom. They brought me a can of homemade sugared ginger! Their kindness warms my heart in this big city so far from home.

Poundie Burstein LecturePoundie Burstein Lecture 1Poundie Burstein Lecture 2Poundie Burstein Lecture 3Poundie Burstein Lecture 4Poundie Burstein Lecture 5Poundie Burstein Lecture 6Poundie Burstein Lecture 7Poundie Burstein Lecture 8Poundie Burstein Lecture 9Poundie Burstein Lecture 10Poundie Burstein Lecture 11Poundie Burstein Lecture 12

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