My 4th Writing Lesson with Professor Hedi Siegel

This was my 4th lesson with the loveliest teacher on earth, professor Hedi Siegel!

The cover of this comic is quite difficult to understand, but once you do it’s funny: I wrote a short dash “-” in my paper. Professor Siegel marked that as wrong because it’s supposed to be the longer dash, “—”, which is called “M dash”. I thought she wrote “Ew”, and cried!

The comic also mentions a type of drink called “Monster M80”. It tastes like SHIT!

Also, professor Siegel has a plant at home that’s 100 years old!! Her family brought it to the U.S. a century ago. Damn…

Hedi 4thHedi 4th 1Hedi 4th 2Hedi 4th 3Hedi 4th 4Hedi 4th 5Hedi 4th 6Hedi 4th 7Hedi 4th 8

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