My 4th Music Theory Lesson with Professor Lynne Rogers

This was my 4th lesson with the super smart awesome music theorist Lynne Rogers!

The cover of this comic features a lovely old man, professor Robert Cuckson, who shares an office with professor Rogers. Professor Cuckson hates it when people sit in his chair! If only he knew about all the times I’ve pressed my butt into his chair…

The story in this comic is actually quite accurate – I was painfully climbing the stairs of Mannes, being the fat Asian that I was and still am – and professor Rogers casually walked passed me, holding a water bottle and some books… She is so, so healthy and fit! And I hope she stays that way forever.

Rogers 4th

Rogers 4th 1Rogers 4th 2Rogers 4th 3-2Rogers 4th 3-3Rogers 4th 3Rogers 4th 4Rogers 4th 5Rogers 4th 6Rogers 4th 7Rogers 4th 8Rogers 4th 9Rogers 4th 10Rogers 4th 11

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