A Practical Guide of How To Flee a Rehearsal with Mike Carbone

This was the third birthday-comic I drew for professor Mike Carbone, the best, best, best human being on earth. He was like my Binghamton father, always encouraging me and taking care of me.

By the time I drew this, I was no longer in Harpur Jazz Ensemble – or Binghamton. But oh dear, I miss him so much. Life in NYC is so stressful, it’s making life in Binghamton so painfully missable.

A huge apology to the current members of HJE who are not in the comic. It’s been a while, and I don’t really know anybody in the band anymore. This is the Harpur Jazz Ensemble when I left, and it is the HJE that I remember.

How to flee rehearsalHow to flee rehearsal 1How to flee rehearsal 2How to flee rehearsal 3

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