My 1st Music Theory Lesson with Professor Lynne Rogers

After I graduated from Binghamton University- aka leaving professor Aldridge- I thought I would never love again.

But guess what!! My love was revived after I entered Mannes School of Music, because my new teacher Lynne Rogers is absolutely fantastic!

This was our first lesson – I found a moth in her office, and literally grabbed it with my bare hands and threw it out. I’m usually nowhere near this brave, but hey, anything for her!

LR 1st lessonLR 1st lesson 1LR 1st lesson 2LR 1st lesson 3LR 1st lesson 4LR 1st lesson 5LR 1st lesson 6LR 1st lesson 7LR 1st lesson 8LR 1st lesson 9LR 1st lesson 10LR 1st lesson 11LR 1st lesson 12

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