My Thirty-eighth Trumpet Lesson with Professor Benjamin Aldridge

This is my 38th lesson with this lovely old man!

This comic includes someone new- the wonderful, amazing, professor Stephen Zank of Binghamton! He’s funny, smart, and absolutely lovely. In this comic, I was worried about the paper he gave me- so there he was, in the last few frames!

And also- the topic professor Zank gave me was “who was the most over-rated musician from the 19th century.” OUCH!! How was I supposed to pick??

I apologize for the two missing frames in this comic. No. 20 and 21 are missing. SOMEONE- and I’m looking at you, Alejandro Espinosa – was supposed to help me take pictures that day. YOU HAD ONE JOB! So here I am, putting your “sin” down in history for future readers to know- and your future employers- don’t hire this guy as your secretary or assistant of any sort! 😀  (This is for your own good, man. Keep being a musician)

In addition – There has been a revolutionary change to my comics: only 4 frames on each page now, everything is twice as big! It’s very pencil consuming to do it this way but it looks much cooler doesn’t it

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