My Twenty-Fourth Trumpet Lesson with Professor Benjamin Aldridge

This is my 24th trumpet lesson with professor Aldridge. I apologize for the bad quality images, guys! I promise it gets better later.

This comic brings back so many feelings. It includes a history of my effort to earn a B-mus degree at Binghamton University. I came to the US hoping to become a trumpet player; I tried my absolute very best, practicing for more than 4 hours per day. Unfortunately, my progress wasn’t fast enough to take on effect in such a short time. I ended up not passing that audition, which is one of the major failures in my past.

However, I didn’t let that failure defeat me. I knew music was going to be a tough path, yet I went for it anyway. I do, however, feel bad that I failed professor Aldridge. He tried very hard to teach me. Hey prof Aldridge, you taught me well!


P.S. Professor Dan Fabricius, the director of Wind Symphony, appears in the last few frames!


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