My Twenty-First Trumpet Lesson with Professor Benjamin Aldridge

This is my 21st trumpet lesson with professor Aldridge. Something went wrong with my phone camera and it wouldn’t focus on anything farther than 5 inches, so I took pictures of every single little “unit” – it was revolutionary!! Every frame is so clear!!

Anyway, this had been a fun lesson. I saw professor Aldridge’s notebook that talks about his students’ weaknesses, and I freaked out, but to be honest I was relieved that it didn’t say “Alice, weakness: everything”. He gave me three new horribly hard pieces that sounded so weird that I refused to play them, and played them anyway. He also helped me pull out my stuck mouthpiece, which was so sweet but also kind of embarrassing for me because being a 20 year old young powerful woman I let him beat me at strength… I should really start working out.


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