My Twentieth Trumpet Lesson with Professor Benjamin Aldridge

This is my 20th trumpet lesson with professor Aldridge. I promised my friend John Voigt to draw him in these, and here’s my promise come true. John is an incredibly talented person, one of the smartest people I’ve ever met! He is currently a pre-med student. All the luck with your future, John!
In this lesson, although feeling sick, I was actually sounding quite good, and professor Aldridge even used the word “terrific” on one of my high notes. (Later pointed out by my friend Alejandro that he might have actually said “horrific”) Professor Aldridge also said that I was holding the trumpet wrong, and I literally yelled at him “really, professor!!! The 20th lesson, and you’re telling me this now?!?!” Which was actually kinda funny. Anyway, here’s the drawing. John Voigt, sorry about the neck joke, you have a nice neck!

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