My Audition at Mannes School of Music

I proudly announce that I am now a music theory graduate student at Mannes School of Music, the New School! I went through a very intense but fun audition to get in, after which I drew my experience into a comic.


My audition at mannes coverMannes comic 1Mannes comic 2Mannes comic 3mannes comic 4Mannes comic 5Mannes comic 6Mannes comic 7mannes comic 8mannes comic 9mannes comic 10mannes comic 11mannes comic 12mannes audition 13, 14mannes comic 15mannes comic 16mannes comic 17mannes comic 18mannes comic 19mannes comic 20mannes comic 21mannes comic 22mannes comic 23mannes comic 24mannes 25mannes 26mannes 27mannes 28mannes 29mannes 30mannes 31mannes 32mannes 33mannes 34mannes 35mannes 36mannes 37mannes 38mannes 39mannes 40mannes 41mannes 42mannes 43


Something tells me the president of the school won’t be happy when he sees the last frame!

If you see this, sir, I promise: I helped rebuild the building later!

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