My First Book!

I have published my first children’s storybook — Alice and the Picnic!

picnic 1





The book contains two short stories; Alice, the goofy little girl with a 3-hair-ponytail, leaves home twice trying to have a picnic, but her regular day turns out to be an amazing adventure both times.

You never know what happens next in life. Always keep a positive attitude, and things will be alright.


The first story begins with Alice going on a picnic:

alice 1.png


She finds a good spot near the sea and sits on the cliff. (I know, looks dangerous!)




And she makes a mistake by throwing her brown paper bag into the ocean. (No Alice No!!!)

picnic 2


And what happens next is — the bag fell into the blowhole of a poor whale!!!

whale crypicnic 3whale 2


In order to help the whale take out the paper bag, Alice jumps on the whale. The storyline shifts away from the picnic as the whale swims away from the cliff and deep into the ocean.




What happens next? … Hey, I can’t spoil too much of my book, can I ?







The next story also starts with Alice going on a picnic.

snake 1

She sits on the same cliff again. See the island in the background? That’s right, that’s a representation of the whale in the last story. Alice has moved on from the whale story, and is saying goodbye to her friend. Wow that’s deep, and kind of dark…

snake 2

And this time, Alice finds a bean on the grass.


snake 3snake 4

And here we go again! She throws the bean into the sea. Yes, I know…


snake 5

And guess what? …… Immediately after she throws the bean, a green beanstalk grows out of the water!!!!


snake 6

And of course, Alice jumps down there again, hoping to climb up to the top.


snake 7snake 8

But as she is happily climbing, a green, giant hand is reaching out to her from her back!!!!

snake 9snake 10


Wanna know what happens next? Sorry, my agent says I can’t spoil that much of my books otherwise I’ll make zero money — but if you don’t want to buy the book, just leave a comment or email me, I’ll tell you! 😀


9 thoughts on “My First Book!

  1. Congratulations on your publication! what a brilliant author and illustrator! The imagination and connection in those stories made my day! Thanks for sharing


  2. congratulations on your publication! What a brilliant author and illustrator! your imagination and message in those stories made my day. Thanks for sharing!


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